Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Big Mouth Café FAQ and Glossary of terms

Q: Why are you doing this? Who cares what you have to say?

A: I have a lot of pent up opinions. If I don't put them somewhere, I'll spontaneously

Q: How often will you post?

A: As often as possible; likely a few times a week, preferably more often. But,
I'm realistic. I have a wife, kid and a job.

Q: So are you a Republican or Democrat? I'll answer that more thoroughly somewhere
else. Short answer: I'm reluctantly Republican.

Glossary of Terms that I'll likely use:

Web log/ Blog/ webloggers/ blogger: This site is a web log. Web logs,
particularly politically oriented web logs like this one, act in some ways like
a message board. But, instead of a bunch of people posting, with 2 or 3 people
going back and forth ruining it for everyone else, this is more democratic.
You don't have to read what you don't want. Many of the webloggers link to each
other in such a way that it resembles a conversation. I could say, "this
page is run by a moron" and that individual could respond in kind. Better
yet, I'd be pointing to the original source so that you can check it out for
yourself and make your own conclusion. If you have a web log, you could then
make your own post linking to mine and the moron's. Also, it's better than a
message board because most webloggers aren't anonymous. So, they watch their
words a little more carefully. It's more civil. Or at least more open. And a
blog or blogger is simply a short term for a web log or weblogger.

Blogosphere: Bill Quick coined
this phrase. Basically, it's a general term for all the web logs, specifically,
the high traffic web logs that really do have an impact on the news cycle and
the perception of events. Even if you are new to this whole web log phenomenon,
believe me, over the last year, the blogosphere has had an impact.

Instapundit/ Instantman/ BlogGod:
is the mother of web logs. Run by Glen Reynolds, a law professor of some notoriety,
at the University of Tennessee. He also writes for and
at He posts early and often and he points to all sorts of articles
as well as other weblogs. He's my #1 source of news material. He's more valuable
than CNN, seriously.